A Business Of My Own

I'm thinking of starting a little freelance business from home in my spare time. Nothing too difficult cos I do have a full time job as a Spaceman and also my other job in advertising. Maybe start of with something that I can handle for now. Something that's in my scope of expertise. I though maybe I'd offer my services (no, not that kind of services, you dirty minded people ... LOL!) to do some designing of simple business cards, wedding cards or some custom designs for anyone who needs stuff like that.

I was thinking of doing this online. Anyone who wants something done can email me what they want and I'll work out some designs for them and then once they confirm the designs I could just get it printed for them and courier it to them or something. Or if they prefer I could always email them the high resolution files and they could print it themselves. Payment could always be done through PayPal since I have an account with them. What do you think of that idea? You think it will work? You wanna be the first to buy my services (how many times do I have to keep telling you, it's not that kind of services ... LOL!).

Well, to be perfectly honest, I did dabble in my own business a long time ago buy gave it up cos of not having enough time, being too lazy and bad paymasters. It wasn't really all that hard starting up my own business, all I needed was a PC, a scanner and an inkjet printer with some spare inkjet cartridges and I was done. Those days inkjet printers were the in thing. I got myself this pretty expensive inkjet printer from Hewlett Packard and I remember those HP inkjet cartridges cost me quite a sum to buy back then unlike today where it's so much cheaper. I don't remember what the model was, I think it was a hp c6656an or something like that (or was that the cartridge model number?).

These days if you're really looking for an inkjet printer and needed replacement cartridges, you could always get online and check out this site call Carrot Ink which has a bizrate review that's averaging 100,000+. They're touted to be easy to use, have excellent on-time delivery services and great customer support. I guess if they had this back when I was running my own business, it would have made my life a lot easier when it came to consumables. That's why I'm thinking of starting my own business again.

So, anyone wants to start the ball rolling by letting me design your wedding cards? What? You're not getting married anytime soon? It's never too early to be ready, you know? Come on, I'll give you a discount even and if you get divorced before the year is up, I'll give you your money back ... LOL!