I Have A Confession ...

I think most of you know I'm a game addict, right? Yes, us spacemen love our games too, after all how do you think I polish my ship flying skills to avoid all those nasty Zorkians ... LOL. Most of the time, the genre of games that I normally play are more of the real time strategy and simulation kinds and they all have to do with building armies and blasting up people and things.

Ok, now, as much as it my ruin may carefully built up macho spaceman image but of late I've actually been sneaking around playing one of Mrs. Spiff's favourite all time games. And it's called Diner Dash! Yes, folks, Diner Dash! Shhhhhh! Don't say that out too loud now. You know how that'll make me look if the Zorkians discovered I was playing a game like Diner Dash. My reputation throughout the galaxy would be ruined! Let's just keep this between you and me, ok? You promise now, ya? I'm going to hold you to that, ok!

I've been watching Mrs. Spiff play Diner Dash since it first came out on Play First, that leading publisher of casual downloadable games. She's actually purchased and played the whole series of Diner Dash right up to it's latest release called Diner Dash: Hometown Hero. And she's very fanatical about it. Once she starts playing it, she just won't stop until she's completed whatever levels that needs to be completed and then some. I used to think she was over doing it a little until I tried it out for myself a few days ago and now, let me tell you, I just can't get enough of being 'Flo' and serving all my customers.

Ok, before I go over board here, let me tell you a little about the game for those who've never played it before or wondering just what in heavens name am I talking about now. Diner Dash in general is about this little lady called Flo who is the heroine in the game who runs her own restaurant. And she finds out it isn't easy running a restaurant and having to serve noisy teenagers, impatient celebrities and a tough food critic, players will be kept on the top of their tip-seeking toes!

In the latest installment of the game,
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero, Flo quits her desk job and heads back to her hometown to help her grandma revitalize some of her favourite hangouts like the zoo, the ballpark, the museum and amusement park which are all sadly rundown. Trust me, this game is loads of fun. It isn't easy keeping track of what all your customers wants and it can be frantic to the point of going crazy and you just can't stop playing. I know I can't!

'Ok, you can quit laughing already! Don't make me come there and blast you with my ray gun, ok?'

If you don't believe how addictive the game is then by all means you go download it and try it for yourself and if you end up spending hours just trying to satisfy some of those annoying customers Flo gets, don't blame me ok, blame Play First for offering such an addictive game ... LOL! Catch you guys later, I'm off to start a new level of
Diner Dash :)

6 weird comments:

Andy J said...

Ok now, playing the wife's games now, huh? Ok, I won't tell..... LOL!

I know what you mean, I've dabbled in Diner Dash myself and it is downright consuming. I'd recommend the game to anyone who hasn't tried it yet:D

Spiff said...

Andy - Phewwwww ... thank god I'm not the only sissy, urrmmm, I mean guy who plays Diner Dash ... LOL!

It is an addictive game though!

Nessa said...

Diner Dash is an addictive game. I'm stuck on the last level and I'm unable to proceed. Grrrr...

Spiff said...

Nessa - LOL! It is a damn difficult game at times, that's for sure ... but knowing you, you'll get through it eventually ... :D

You should get the latest or are you already playing the latest version?

Rozella said...

I love Diner Dash! Hehehe Omg you know what would so bring your sissyness to the next level? Wedding Dash!! It's so fun!! Try it! Hahaha

Spiff said...

Rozella - Wedding dash would definitely take my sissyness to a new level, that's for sure ... LOL!

I've seen wifey playing it and it sure looks like fun, who knows, I just might try it out ... LOL!