Just Another Boring Saturday.

Man, it's been one hell of a hot day today. I don't remember seeing the rain for the past few days. It's really been a blistering day. Well, at least it was good for the laundry cos the clothes didn't take all that long to dry. At least something good came out of it. I'm hoping it'll rain sometime soon cos it's also been a little hazy the past couple of days too. I'm probably going to need some air purifiers soon seeing as how the air quality is getting from bad to extremely worse.

Didn't have much planned for today except going out for lunch. Both Mrs. Spiff and me were just too lazy to cook lunch today so we decided to head out to the mall and grab something at our favourite all you can eat restaurant. The kids, well me actually, just love that place :D The food's good and the price is worthwhile and best of all you can eat all you want until you're stuffed silly. Now that's what I call getting my moneys worth!

This is going to be a pretty short post cos I really have nothing much to add about today. It's just been a very typically boring Saturday so far. I'm going to just surf some sites and blog hop a little while waiting for one of my favourite shows that I never fail to catch every Saturday night at 10.00pm called The Unit. I've still got about 2 hours to wait though. Anyways, you guys have a great Saturday now you hear?