Mailbox Thief!

I was just a few minutes ago complaining about my senile old hag of a neighbour in my other blog Anything Goes! Hey, don't look at me, that Nick fellow came up with that degrading name. I don't call little old ladies bad names unlike him :D Just head there if you wanna know just what I was complaining about cos I don't want to repeat it here

But all that complaining reminded me of another thing that pisses me off about that neighbour. They have this daughter with a slight mental problem. She's an adult and all but acts and behave like a little kid. I've no issues with that, in fact I even sympathize with it. But the thing is, she's a thief. A mailbox thief to be exact.

'What in heaven's name are you blabbering about now, Spiff?'

Well, this daughter of hers goes around to the neighbours residential mailboxes and takes whatever is inside for herself. I'm not really sure what she does with the stuff she takes but I am not liking it one bit. It was Mrs. Spiff who told me this cos one day when she was hanging the laundry outside, the postman came by and left some mail for us in our mailbox and also the mailboxes of the other neighbours.

And all of a sudden, Mrs. Spiff says the senile old hags daughter runs out of the house and starts to rummage through the neighbours mailboxes and takes whatever she finds in there. And then she runs back to her house with her loot. Luckily Mrs. Spiff grabs all the mail in our mail box before she can get to it and stands there in shock for a few minutes. What she just did can be considered a crime for stealing people's mail and stuff.

While I know she is not responsible for her actions because of her condition but she did take all the mail into her house and don't tell me that senile old hag mother of hers didn't notice it was not their mail. But knowing the stinking attitude that she has, she probably doesn't give two hoots about it. I wonder how long she has been doing this. I'm sure she has been doing this for quite a while now and Mrs. Spiff only noticed this recently.

I don't really know how much of important mail I've lost. Who knows, I could have even lost that all important letter telling me that I've inherited $2 billion dollars from a long lost relative and that I have to claim in in 2 days or the money's gone. Damn her, I could be a billionaire by now for all you know! LOL! But jokes aside, I think it's a serious offense what she's doing and the next time I see it with my own eyes, I'm going to get my ray gun and blast her to oblivion, urmmm, what I really mean is I'm going to make a big fuss about it ... hehehe ...

Thank god there are no commercial mailboxes around the neighbourhood or else no one will be getting any of their letters and bills too. But I seriously wonder what she does with all the mail and stuff she takes. Maybe she collects them and sells it to the 'old newspaper' man who buys paper for recycling purposes? God in heaven only knows.

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Shemah said...

Whoaa!! That's serious stuff man.. If I were living in your neighbourhood I'd be freaked out. Who know's she'll end up using the baby blanket, buddy's transformer's tshirt and my new top that I bought on ebay! LOL!

Luckily, our mailbox is just a slit on the outside pillar and the postman just puts the mail in the slit and it goes through a one foot drop so we can collect it through the box in the inside pillar.

That way, people can't put their hands in (if they had incredibly small hands) to take our mail either. For parcels, the postman will have to ring the doorbell for us to collect it.

I guess my late father really loved his mail. LOL! Thank God for that. At least if I wont be receiving my eBay packages it wont be because some senile old hag (Nick's fave neighbour LOL!) doesn't care what her daughter is doing.

Well, I say alert the neighbourhood about what she's doing and confront that neighbour. :) Good luck!

Andy J said...

Man, that is some serious crap she's doing mate, I'd have reported her to the law by now, mentally unstable or whatever!

That really sucks. I mean, just imagine, I could be leaving comments in a billionaires blog, seeing as how you just may have missed that inheritance letter that she could possibly have stolen ... LMAO! Cheers mate!

Diamond said...

I agree, here in the states that is a federal offense!! My brother in law works for the post office delivering mail and a guy he works with didn't feel like giving anyone their junk mail, well when he was caught, he was fired!

Spiff said...

Shemah - Now you know why I'm a loony bin half the time, what with the neighbourhood I live in ... LOL!

Gee, your mailbox sounds high tech la ... I gotta get me one of those. Your dad happen to have a spare one lying around or something? LOL!

Latest update:
Wifey saw senile old hags daughter stealing mail again yesterday and now we're planning to confront her the next time we see this.

Spiff said...

Andy - Well, I'm going to confront her the next time I catch her in the act. I think it's a little too much to be stealing people's letters and stuff.

And yes mate, I could be a billionaire for all you know ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Diamond - It's a federal offense here too. I guess either the senile old hag doesn't realize the seriousness of what her daughter is doing or she just doesn't care!