My Little Island In The Sun.

I've been sitting for the second half of the day doing nothing much but just surfing the net for stuff. I told Mrs. Spiff I'd download a few games for her but haven't really been getting around to doing that. Since I'm a little free I thought I'd do it for her now.

But those games takes quite a while to download and here I am back with nothing really much to do. I've done my blog hop for the day, well, I'll do another round a little later in the day but for now, all my blogging needs have been taken care already.

With all my neighbourly problems that I've been facing, I'm really thinking about moving out of the current place that I'm living in. A few years back I purchased an apartment not too far from where I'm currently living. It was in the midst of being built and as bad luck would have it, the project stalled and the place isn't ready and I'm stuck here until god knows when! Siggghhh ...

But the thing is, if and when that apartment is ready, I'm probably going to sell the place and maybe get a place somewhere else. I'm not too keen about staying in an apartment anymore. I kinda like a place with a garden and all that. I'd probably need to find someone offering good Mortgages or something like that. I'm really not any good with these housing loans and mortgage stuff. I wouldn't know a good deal even if came and bit me on the nose!

With all the differing opinions I hear being expressed out there by the various experts in the mortgage industry, I think most homeowners would be utterly confused over which mortgage to choose from. I mean, take this research that was done by Abbey Mortgages recently. According to their research, two thirds of homeowners would have difficulties in choosing a mortgage if they were made to decide on one tomorrow! I would definitely fall into this category of people.

Well, nobody said owning a home or wanting to own a home was easy. Maybe I should just pack it up, head out to nice secluded island or something and start building my own little island getaway. Just me, Mrs. Spiff and the 2 boys. Maybe a bunch of monkeys as neighbours. They'd probably be better than the current ones that I have! Now, if only I knew of such an island. Anyone got one to spare?

2 weird comments:

Menopauseprincess said...

Don't you already have a bunch of monkeys for neighbors?

Spiff said...

MP - If I'd rather live with monkeys as neighbours, you can imagine how low I categorise my current neighbours! LOL!