Not Again!

Mrs. Spiff just called me and informed me the PC which my computer guy fixed yesterday all of a sudden has started to beep like an ambulance intermittently. She said she was in the midst of playing a game and all of a sudden she got the shock of her life when the system started beeping.

Even before calling my computer guy, I'm suspecting it's the graphics card that's causing that problem. I opened the system once before and noticed the fan on the graphics card has stopped and I think it heats up when too there's heavy graphic usage and I guess that's where the problem lies. And true enough, after calling my computer guy, he said he noticed the fan wasn't working too.

Duh! If it wasn't working why didn't you like source a new fan or at least change the damn graphics card! Oh boy, I really hate when these things happen. Anyway, I gave him a little piece of my mind and told him to source a fan for me and if that is not possible, then to get a new graphics card. I'd prefer the first option though cos that is the much cheaper option.

Anyway, I really hope nothing else will crop up. Crap like this never fails to happen to me. I must have really pissed somebody up there badly!