Never Ending Story ...

Man, those Zorkians are a bunch of conniving little thieves. Just because I've been here on Earth the past couple of month and haven't really had the time to service the loan for my space mansion back of Planet Zork, those bums are now thinking of repossessing my space mansion. Can you believe that? Can they actually do that? I though you could only repossess cars and space ships ... and urrrmmmm, talking about spaceship, I think they're going to repossess that soon ... LOL!

Jokes aside though, I was just going through my list of commitments and loans that I currently have and discovered the biggest commitment right now that I have and can't do anything about which is eating up a big chunk of my finances is my uncompleted and currently stalled apartment project. Even though it's stalled with no sign of it being revived just yet, I still have to actually service the interest for it! And it's not cheap, mind you. What with all the other expenses that I have on my plate, paying for an empty skeleton of an apartment doesn't actually help with the finances.

Maybe I should consider one of those Homeowner Loans and see if I can like consolidate all my debts into one main package. It might make things easier to manage. At least I won't have to go plundering around the galaxy and blasting moronic Zorkian bugs just to pay my loans. What do you think?