Burnin' Rubber, Urmmm, I Mean The Keyboards!

Now, that gadget you see up there looks like it belongs on the dashboard of a car right? Well, if your answer is yes, than you're absolutely horribly wrong! When I first stumbled upon it, I thought it was some kind of speedometer for a sleek sports car or something. I'll bet you wanna know what it is, right?

Well, it's actually a USB Speedometer device that you can use to track how fast you actually type! Yes, to track your typing speed! How silly can that be? I mean, what the heck difference is it going to make if I knew just how fast I was typing? It's not that I can type all that fast anyway. And most of the time I'm typing way faster than what my mind wants to say.

'That explains all the rubbish you've been posting here all these months!'

Don't make me come there and smack you now, you hear! Besides, that useless thing would set you back USD$39 and it's not something I would really want to waste my money on. But then if you're the kind who wants to know just how fast you're zooming by on your keyboards, then it's just the perfect gadget for you. But I suggest you take it easy on the speed limits now, you hear. Don't want you getting a ticket for going too fast now, do we? LOL!