Am I Compatible Enough?

Just last week, I ordered some new toner cartridges for my office. We use quite a bit of cartridges monthly, be it the inkjet kind or the toner kind, what with the amount of times we have to print drafts, visuals and presentation materials for our often fickle clients. And let me tell you, these consumables are not at all cheap. Even our faxes uses inkjet cartridges and the amount of fax spam we get is really hard on the cartridges. The worse thing is there is just no way to minimize this fax spams that we get and we'll just have to replace out inkjet cartridges in the fax at an alarming rate of 2 units a months!

Sometimes I wonder if using compatible generic cartridges might just be a cheaper option. I've heard a lot of people say that these compatible ones are bad for your printer, not vibrant enough colours, blah, blah, blah, but with the cost being a fraction of the price of the original, I really think it would be a more economical option for me.

Anyway, with the advancement in technology, I'm sure the quality of the compatibles, especially from companies like Inkers have improved tremendously which really is a more cost effective alternative to the higher cost of branded toners. Besides, all their ink cartridges are guaranteed against defects for a whole year even. They even have a thirty day money back full refund with a no questions asked policy, so that should give you an indication about how good their compatible ink cartridges are, right?

Well, I know the next time I'm going to have to order new ink cartridges, I'll definitely give them a look see to find out what they have to offer. It just might save us lots of money in the long run!

2 weird comments:

mwaybob said...

join the dark side of compatibles! Most come with a guarantee, if they turn out to be bad you'll get your pennies back :-)

Spiff said...

mywaybob - welcome to my blog. Oh, I've stepped into the dark side a long time ago .... muahahahaha ... hope to see you around more often :D