The Valentine Protocol

Ahhh ... Valentine's day is upon us. Have you planned that surprise for your loved ones yet? No? Not yet? What, are you crazy or something? Do you wanna sleep on the couch tonight? Well, there still might be some hope for you yet. There's still a little time for you to make a quick dash to the mall and get her something real fast or maybe even call up a restaurant and get some reservations for a candle light dinner with her tonight. Unless of course in some perverse way you enjoy sleeping on the couch, then there really is no hope for you at all! LOL!

Yeah, I think Valentine's day is too commercialized myself. No, no, I"m not sleeping on no couch. I was one of the smart ones. We spaceman are normally smart people anyway. I got Mrs Spiff her Valentine's gift way before today and saved on tons of money to boot ... hehehe ... told you I was smart, didn't I? So, while you're sleeping on that couch with your loved one sulking away in her room for not getting anything from you for Valentine's day just imagine me sleeping away cosily in my own bed ... hehehe ... And if you do get too bored alone on that couch, maybe you could use the money that you skimped on buying your loved one a gift to do some gambling at one of those online casino sites on the internet.

'But there are just so many gambling sites out there, Spiff. How would I know which one is good for me?'

What? You're actually going to do this? Ok, loser, I'll help you. For after all I am the mighty Spaceman Spiff, aren't I? If your loved one doesn't kill you by the end of the night, you can always try out this site called Online Casino List. They have a host of the best online casino's around the world that they do reviews on. They've actually played at thousands of these sites so they really do know what they're talking about, ok? And with their recommendations, you'll definitely stand a good chance of finding one you're happy with in a jiffy.

The moment you log into their site, you'll be able to see with a quick glance on their guides all the important features and information you will need to start playing successfully online. And not forgetting the best welcome bonus they have on offer. That's not all, the site is feature packed to help you chose you best online casino with such things as the best online casinos by player votes section where you will find how good the site is by actual players who have played on it. Now you simply cannot go wrong with that right?

So, while she sulks away in her room, get online and win some good money so you can go an buy her that diamond ring she was expecting for Valentine's okay? At least you'll be able to eventually sleep in your own bed again and life will be back to normal soon enough.

'What if I lose all my money?'

Then buddy, I think you'd better make that couch more comfortable cos you're going to be sleeping on it for a long time to come ... LOL!

4 weird comments:

Andy J said...

LMAO Spiff! That has got to be one of the best online gambling postings I've read in a while. I love the way you integrated the Valentine story into it so smoothly. Kudos mate!

And Happy Valentine's day to you and Mrs Spiff. At least couch sleeping for you, eh? :)

Spiff said...

Andy - *Blush* I ran out of things to write about online gambling buddy! LOL! That was the best I could come out with and since everyone exploits Valentine's day, so why not do the same, ya? :D

WaterLearner said...

Quite a Scheme huh. Anyway Happy Valentines!!

Spiff said...

Waterlearner - LOL! yeah, it's quite a scheme alright!

Happy Valentine's day to you as well!