You Light Up My Life ...

After yesterday's hectic day where I was practically on the road for huge amounts of time, I'm pretty relieved to be having an easy day at the office today. Yesterday was one rush job after another and I had to drive to 3 different ends of this world to get things done. By the time I got home, my butt was so sore from all that sitting around and driving all day that I just kept walking around the house for an hour before I actually sat down ... LOL!

There's still 2 hours to go before work ends so anything could just crop up. In my line of work you just never know. Clients seem to have this uncanny knack for knowing when I'm free and just sitting around shaking legs. I'm also waiting for my computer guy to come send my PC back to me. I sent it to him last Friday to get it reformatted and it's already done (well, according to him anyway) and he said he would be here in the later part of the day. Well, he's got 2 hours left before I head home and he'd better get here before 6pm or there'll be hell to pay! LOL!

It was time that desktop got reformatted. There was so much junk in there the system was becoming totally unstable to the point, the CD-Rom stopped working and everytime I ran a little many programs simultaneously, the internal speaker would start wailing like a blooming ambulance! It can be damn bloody annoying when that happens in the still of the night, not to mention bad for my heart! LOL! The only thing I dislike about reformatting is loading up all my softwares again and downloading all my browsers again. I could use IE but I hate the damn thing, so it's Firefox or bust for me.

I hope he sends it back today though cos I need to work on this light fixtures assignment that I've put off for quite awhile now. Actually the site does look pretty cool. I'm checking it out right now and they've got some gorgeous indoor lighting systems. If you're looking for some new lights to brighten up your place, then by all means check out the site :D