Flower Power ...

With the internet we can basically do just about anything with it. Anything we need, doesn't matter where in the world it's from, with a click of the button, we can get it, of course you do have to pay for it though. LOL! I remember the first time I actually used the internet to purchase something online. It was for Valentine's day years ago where I decided to Buy Flowers online and send it to the then not yet Mrs. Spiff.

Back then they really didn't have all that much online Online Florists for me to choose from, unlike today. With the ever increasing popularity of online shopping, if I wanted to Send Roses, a potted plants, or any other kind of Flowers, all I would have to do is just do a search and I'd be given a few hundred if not thousands of options to chose from, which really does pose a little problem for me at times as I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to buying stuff online, even for something as simple as buy a bunch of flowers ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

ArahMan7 said...

WHen you said flower power, it reminded me those days long long time ago when I was influenced by the flower people.

Greetings from Kuale Kangsor.

Spiff said...

Arahman7 - LOL! Yeah, I remember those times pretty well myself :)

Oh and by the way, welcome to my blog :) Hope to see you around more.