Upgrading Time ...

I've been thinking of giving my house a new look. I'm a little fed up with the current look. The last time Mrs. Spiff and me redecorated the place was last year. We really did a lot of major works that time. We repainted the whole house, well, the living, kitchen and bedrooms anyway. Added a few shelving units to the wall. But staring at the same things day in and day out can get a little boring.

I've been thinking of adding a few new Cabinets and a couple more units of Window Shutters. Aand I know just the place to source for them. Accent Building Products has loads of great selection of cabinets, Crown Molding, and other home improvement options that I could look at be it my bathrooms, my Kitchen or just about any room in my house.

I really do enjoy doing all these home improvement stuff myself. And I haven't used my power tools for a very long time already. Maybe this weekend it would be time to take them out of storage and start working on something :D