Some Bull Fighting Anyone?

It's been a tiring weekend for me. Woke up real early to go do my civic obligation, which was to vote for my chosen candidate in the recently concluded General Elections. Went and voted very early when the place was much emptier that early in the morning. That idea worked and I was in and out of the place in hardly 3 minutes :D

We don't have polls on Planet Zork so it was kinda fun casting my vote here. On Zork, it's the fittest who survives and so far that has been your wonderfully strong, courageous and quirky spaceman ... LOL! Then later in the day, had some work commitments and even had to miss my buddy's little girls birthday party. Darn, I was so looking forward to the food I heard he had cooking!

And later that night, I kept myself glued to both the TV and the internet to get the latest on who won and lost in the election and there were quite a few pleasant surprises with the results. I would say overall I'm pretty pleased with it and hopefully there will be some noticeable changes in our lives here but until I actually see it, I won't be holding my breath cos whatever it is, a politician is a politician.

I was practically up till the wee hours of the morning keeping track of the polls result which had much better information and updates that what was being shown on the TV. I was kinda exited about the whole thing that I forgot to do my assignment on bull bars that I've had in my inbox. And to be honest, I just didn't know what in heavens name was a bull bar.

Hey I can't pretend to know everything now, can I? LOL! So I did me some surfing and found out it's that steel thingy you put in front of your car, sort of like an additional bumper. And by the fact that it's named a bull bar, I'm presuming that it's tough enough to withstand a direct confrontation with a bull. Though I won't be testing that theory. If any of you feel the need to experiment, please let me know the results once you get discharged from the hospital, k? LOL!