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Some of my regular readers or what few readers I have know I created this blog specifically to make a little money from it. Back then I didn't want to use my personal blog Anything Goes to do any blog marketing, that's how this idea for a crazy spaceman in search of all things weird came about :)

And since then I've had my fair share of generating a little income from blogging. I'm the first who will jump at any opportunity I can find to make a little extra on the side. That's why when I first found out about Snapbomb, I was ecstatic. Snap what? Snapbomb, don't tell me you haven't heard of it? You poor uninformed soul. Let me enlighten you a little okay, so you won't seem so left behind :D

Snapbomb is actually a site that connects advertisers and blogger together. If you're looking for a way to make a little money, then this is probably the best site for you. It's actually pretty simple and doesn't really need any explanation but for you lower down the ladder species, I'll elaborate a little more so your tiny little brain will be able to fathom it better ... hehehe ...

Let's say you're an advertiser looking to create a little buzz about a particular product, site or anything whatsoever. And what better way to do that than to get bloggers like you and me to write an opinion or a review on a particular product and pay them to do it. And that's where Snapbomb comes in to help both the advertiser and the blogger to work in tandem together to reap the benefits. Still with me so far you puny brained humans?

Once you sign up and add your blog, which will be approved in a jiffy if it qualifies unlike their competitors that takes months on end to get your blog approved, you can already start selecting campaigns that match your blog, write an honest review about it with a minimum of 150 words (no big deal for a loud mouth like me) and you're on your way to getting paid. Of course your post has to be approved first.

The amount you get paid is basically based on your blog value and will be calculated once you do your first post. Snapbomb base your blogs value on its popularity, quality, expertise in the field, the size of your audience, reach and even feedback from your posts. So you should be getting some good moolah if your blog is pretty popular :D

So, what are you waiting for? Even a puny human like you can see that it's worth signing up and reaping the benefits provided by Snapbomb. I know I did and when I start making my first millions I'll try to remember all you guys, ok? LOL!

4 weird comments:

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Nice! There are a few other sites with the same premise, like project wonderful.
Thanks for letting us know!

Spiff said...

Elaine Biss Designs - First of all welcome to my blog. You're welcome :) Hope to see you here more often.

YYun said...

thanks for the tip... i added u in my links..

Spiff said...

Yyun - You're welcome :D And thanks for the link add. Do drop by more often, k?