It's Going To Be A Long Tuesday!

Gee it's only Tuesday, still a l o o o o o n n n n n g g g g way to go before the weekend comes around again. What? Don't look at me like that. Like as if you guys don't know that I live for weekends! I wish everyday was a weekend, now wouldn't that just be peachy :D

I'm know I'm blabbering so early in the morning but I'm so stressed out already. I've got loads of work and people aren't cooperating with me enough to help me get the work done. I'm in the midst of this project and have been requesting for certain things from certain people but till today I have got absolutely nothing. Well, not really nothing but some people are so slow in providing things that I'm stuck with not being able to move on with the work!

Arrrggghhhhh! I feel like taking my ray gun, oh, did I mention I got a new model? The ZX20081234567.3567 is just super. It comes with a flashlight and all ... LOL! I'd sure like to put a few people out of commission with it right this very minute. They are so inefficient and slow that I feel like screaming. And the worse thing is my boss is going to be asking for it soon, yes even us spacemen have bosses here on this planet. Now, on planet Zork that's different. I'm the all time high and mighty there. Everyone bows to my iron fisted rule! I am the all supreme! I am the infinite super being! I am the ....

'Enough with the self praises already and get on with the post!'

Don't make me come there and blast you to oblivion now you hear? Just keep your snide remarks to yourself or you're gonna lose that wise cracking tongue you have there. I'm already stressed out right now as it is. I just hope the people responsible can give me the stuff I need soon or they will be hell to pay if my boss screams at me because of them.

So, in the meantime, while I sit here and twiddle my toes waiting for them, I thought I'd put out a little post her seeing as how I've been doing just too many assignment one after the other and I'm sure you guys are not really at all interested in my assignments right? But hey, the extra money helps, you know. So bear with it okay! LOL! But seriously though, there's just been a little too much assignment posts over here and I'm going to try and change that by having a more mixed ratio of personal and sponsored stuff.

Anyway, since I'm so 'free' right now I'm going to go do some blog hopping. Hope you guys are all home and have some great entertaining (but then, you guys always do have great stories ... hehehe) stories to keep me occupied. See you guys soon, k?

2 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Have fun twiddling ur toes... ;p

Spiff said...

Nessa - Yeah, right, how much fun can one have from twiddling toes, huh? LOL!