TutorTech Videos For Dummies ...

I actually started learning, well really learning how to use the computer pretty late in life. Back in my time, owning a computer was a luxury and most people couldn't afford it. And the only time I could actually get access to a computer was at work. I didn't know squat about computers back then. And if it ever broke down or crashed which it was prone to do back then, I'd be totally lost.

I started off using the computers when Windows was still in its Windows 3.11 format or something along those lines. And just as I was getting familiar with Windows 3.11, they go and launch Windows 95! Darn, it took me quite a while to figure out the nitty gritties of Win 95. For me it was more of trial and error. Back then don't even expect to have any help in teaching you the basic of computing, the internet and even setting up your email. It was a skill best left in the hands of professionals who incidentally charged a bomb just to set up your outlook express email!

Imagine if you're an old fogey (or at least I feel old anyway) like me and you just discovered the joys and wonders of the internet, and you just got yourself a nice brand new computer with Windows Vista installed. You're probably going to sit there and stare at the damn screen for ages figuring out how to navigate the damn software ... LOL! Even for someone like me whom I consider slightly proficient in computers, I find Windows Vista a headache to navigate let alone beginners are just starting to use and enjoy computers and the Internet.

Well people, fret not cos now, you can get a CD-Rom on Introduction to Computers with straight forward descriptions and a thorough demonstration on the fundamentals of using the computer. The CD-Rom and its lesson samples are so convenient and easy to follow that you can just sit back in your own home and view the demonstrations step by step at your own pace. And if you don't understand it at first, you can just watch it again as often as you like until you become a pro :)

I wish I had things like these when I was first learning how to use the computer instead of learning the hard way and cursing the world and everything in it whenever the computer refused to cooperate. Oh, the tutorials are also available for Window XP as well. The CD-Rom is actually just perfect for parents and grandparents who are starting out with computers and are just too darn shy to ask your kids for help ... LOL!