Terrible Tuesday, The Saga Countinues ...

Remember I said in an earlier posting that I was stressed out today due to work problems based on the inefficiencies of other people? Well, I'm even more stressed out right now. Just a few minutes ago, Mrs. Spiff called me and said that I received a letter from my insurance company. So I asked her to open it and see what they wanted now.

Apparently my insurance company says that I've not been servicing the policy for close to 3 months now. Huh? Come again? What do they mean that I haven't been servicing the policy for 3 months when it's being auto deducted from my card and based on my cards statements, the deductions have been done from my account. Man, this is not good.

While it wont be a problem calling them and telling them this but I'm sure they're going to make life difficult for me by asking me to produce my statements, my card details, blah, blah, blah .... God, that can be such a hassle. I've been through this experience before once long ago and in the end it was a system problem at their end and it gave me a headache just sorting it out with them.

I'm seriously not looking forward to calling them to get an explanation from them cos with the mood that I'm in right now, I'd probably chew someone's head off. Maybe it's time to get some new life insurance quotes and sign up with a new insurance company, one that won't already add to the 2,675,452 problems I already have!