Can This Be Any Longer?

Just when I thought life for going great and the world seemed to be a better place to live in, I get tagged by Rozella of Asian Mutt International with this really and I mean really l o o o n n n g g g tag that is going to take me the better half of the day to finish! Now what did I ever do to piss her off?

'That's what you get for criticizing her beloved Jason Castro, Spiff!'

LOL! Ok, I'll know better next time that to even suggest that Jason Castro would be in the bottom three this week. If I know what's best for me that is ... Just kidding Rozella! LOL! As long and difficult as this tag may look, it does seem pretty interesting and seeing as how I'm a little free now, I'd best get it done as fast as I can before someone decides to dump some work on my desk. Oh and thanks for the tag Rozella (revenge is sweet ... LOL!)

1. Rate your life from 1-10 (1 being very miserable)

A: I would say an 8, only because I'm not a billionaire, if not it would be a 10!

2. Is your hair long or short?

A: Short, definitely. They don't let you keep long hair in the Space Corp :D And besides I'd look like a golliwog with long hair! LOL!

3. Do you have many real friends?

A: Ok, now that's a tough one. Do they have to be real? LOL!

4. Name friends you last hung out with?

A: Urmmm, again, do they have to be real?

5. Do you love chicken?

A: But of course! Why do you think I'm such a chicken? LOL!

6. Last three drinks you had?

A: F&N Strawberry, water and 3-in-1 coffee.

7. Do you eat fish?

A: Yes, but I prefer them fried!

8. Do people mispronounce or spell your name incorrectly?

A: Well, I've know people who have butchered my middle name quite a bit!

9. Who was the last person you hugged?

A: Mrs. Spiff :D

10. Last guy you think about?

A: Urrmmm, I'm not into those sort of things ... LOL!

11. Any food that made you smile today?

A: Haven't eaten yet, so I wouldn't know but chicken rice would elicit a huge smile though :D

12. Name one thing you have in common with your friends?

A: loony!

13. Do you trust your friends?

A: With my life!

14. How old will you be in five years?

A: Ugghhh! Do I have to answer that?

15. Do you believe in love?

A: Yup, I most definitely do.

16. Except for family and friends, who are you in love with?

A: I refuse to answer that for fear of being blasted into oblivion by Mrs. Spiff ... LOL! But Jennifer Garner and Renee Zellweger comes to mind ... hehehe ...

17. Do you honestly believe you have found the right guy/girl?

A: I definitely do :D

18. Are you someone’s best friend?

A: I should hope so.

19. Do you love music?

A: Who doesn't? Wait, I know a few who don't!

20. Last song you listened to?

A: Gold by Spandau Ballet on the radio on the way to work.

21. What’s the instrument you wish you were able to play?

A: Can exterior shutters be considered an instrument? No? Darn! LOL!

22. Who was the last person you talked to?

A: My boss.

23. Who was the last person to call you?

A: My Boss.

24. Would you consider yourself a worrier?

A: Not really.

25. Do you consider yourself as a happy person?

A: After having to do a long tag like this, what do you think? LOL!

26. Do you believe in saving yourself for marriage?

A: I'm married so it's a moot question ... LOL!

27. Last person that pissed you off?

A: This slow moving driver on my way to work!

28. From whom have you missed the most calls in the last 5 days?

A: My credit card issuer! LOL!

29. Who’s the first person you call when you’re having a bad day?

A: No one really. I try to keep my bad days to myself. But sometimes I burden Mrs. Spiff with it.

30. Last person who made you laugh like crazy?

A: A.C Mizal and his utter lack of knowledge for song titles!

31. Who’s your greatest inspiration in life?

A: Bill Waterson, Spiderman (LOL) and Mrs. Spiff of course!

32. Are you a good guesser?

A: Nope. I'm hopeless at that, judging by how Jason Castro is still in AI! LOL!

33. Who was the last person to sing your current favorite song and what song?

A: Can't really recall.

34. Who makes you laugh the most?

A: The Government ;P

35. What have you been telling yourself lately?

A: You're getting a bit too fat around the waist, buddy boy!

And now it is my pleasure to tag a few more bloggers and ruin their week by passing this tag on to them :D Hope you guys have as much fun with it that I did ... really, I did ... LOL!

Marzie ~ Adrian ~ Janice

16 weird comments:

Rozella said...

Thanks for doing the tag Mr. Spiff! It's long, but it's not that bad lah. Admit it. You had fun doing it! :P

Let's see what you have to say about AI this week! If he betul-betul out...hmph! I would know who tag again! Muahahahaha...

Rozella said...

Oh ya btw, have you seen Catch and Release? It's playing on HBO now. Jen Garner. Haiyoh! I so the love that movie!

Mariuca said...

Hi Spiff! A.C. Mizal? Have u been watching AF Spiff? ;)

Thanks for the tag, I was tagged by Syura as well. This is gonna be a long one...sigh! ;)

J@n!ce said...

Love your answer about the government... haha :D

Thanks for the tag, will try to get it out soon :)

Nessa said...

Wah, you put this up so fast! I haven't even started on mine... aiyayaiii!!! In fact, I've got a few tags I've yet to post. Tensyen....

Spiff said...

Rozella - I'm keeping my mouth shut this week. No way am I going to make anymore predictions about Mr. Castro! LOL!

Spiff said...

Rozella - I've caught it in bits and pieces so far. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the entire movie before the 13th April ...

Spiff said...

Marzie - Oppsss, you caught me ... LOL! Yes, I have been watching AF and so far AC has been good for a few dozen laughs or so and all for the wrong reasons mind you :D

What's another tag or two, right? LOL!

Spiff said...

Janice - You're welcome. And you can always count on the Government here for a few laughs always ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Nessa - LOL! It took me the better half of the whole morning to get this done ... It sure was a long one. I've got a few more too and I don't know how I'm going to get them all done ... LOL!

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Spiff said...

Hey projector - thanks for dropping by. Will check it out soon ...

Spiff said...

Monday Morning Power - Thanks for the update. Will drop by and check it out ... cheers.

WaterLearner said...

Yo Spiff,

This is one interesting tag. You have given some interesting answers too.

Have a Great Weekend!

Spiff said...

waterlearner - Interesting it may be but it sure was one of the longest I've done ... LOL! Good to see you here again.