Thank God For The Internet!

The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever created as far as I'm concerned! I don't think I'd ever get through the day without it. Take for instance, right now. I'm actually getting live messages from Mrs. Spiff on my yahoo messenger about American Idol eliminations (I know I could check myself but it's better this way, at least I can chat with her too ... hehehe). I couldn't really wait till tonight to find out who goes out. And so far I'm not pleased about who the bottom three are. Well, at least David Cook is safe :D

And I have to thank the internet for that. If it was back in them old days, I'd probably only get the news tomorrow! It does open up a whole new avenue for me though. I've always had this idea to actually sell stuff online. I've been toying with this idea of actually going around taking pictures of stuff and then making a little online shop to sell the images something like a photo library or something. I know a few guys who actually do this and make a pretty decent amount of money.

I guess it wouldn't be all that hard to set up. Get a nice camera, go out and take pictures, then set up a nice and easy to use shopping cart software online so people can pay me (which is the most important thing here ... LOL!) if they actually buy my images and I'm all set :D Finding a good ecommerce software shouldn't be all that hard to do. There's always Ashop Commerce to look at. They're one of the leading providers of hosted shopping cart software that offers the complete solution for online selling.

Not a bad idea, huh? Well, now comes another important aspect to all this. Saving enough money to buy a decent DSLR camera ... LOL! I don't think my little digital camera would be able to take any pictures worth selling ... hehehe ... so, what are you guys waiting for? See the donate button on my right hand side bar? Click on it already ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Spiff The Spaceman has a little online shop... who would have thot?? And I thot you are only interested in blasting those Zorkians to bits! :D

Spiff said...

Nessa - Blasting buy eyed Zorks don't pay all that much la ... LOL! Us Spacemen need to find some extra cash too. Have you seen the price of rocket ships these days? LOL!

Happy weekend to you :D