Being Healthy Is Expensive!

You know, you'd think that going on a diet would reduce your food expenses considerably. Seeing as how you'd be eating much lesser food and all that. But it's actually been the exact opposite! I've been on my diet for exactly two whole weeks (yes, that's 14 days straight without rice that I'm beginning to wonder what rice tastes like) and I thought that my grocery bills would go down slightly.

But, that's not the case at all. In fact, it's actually gone up a little. Strange but true. Diet food can be expensive. Mrs. Spiff and me have been eating stuff like salads, home made shredded chicken sandwiches, soups and loads of greens and we've ended up paying more for our food. It's probably cos we now buy a lot more organically grown veggies such as butterhead, romaine and coral lettuce (to name a few), cherry tomatoes, purple cabbage, baby potatoes, chicken fillet (to steam or boil them) and the usual salad dressing such as mayo, thousand island, blue cheese salad dressing (this one I love like crazy) and a few other things.

Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, we now buy our veggies almost every two days and the dressing doesn't last a week and in the long run it actually costs us more than the regular groceries we used to buy. Who'd have thought eating like a cow was going to be expensive ... LOL! And all in the name of being healthy and looking good. Such vain people we are ... hehehe ...

But I'm really enjoying this new healthy lifestyle I'm living with the only exception of when it comes to times we eat out. We can hardly find stuff, healthy stuff that is, for us to eat. We used to be able to eat just about anywhere but are now very much more picky about the stuff we consume and there are not many places that serve healthy food in KL. If anyone knows of any, I'd be grateful if you could tell me :D Oh and does anyone know where I can get a cheap and decent wine refrigerator?