Here Comes The Rain Again ...

Gosh it's raining cats and dogs out there that I hope by the time I finish writing this post, my internet connection would still be available. I'm using a wireless broadband connection and it does work just fine except when it rains as bad as this.

There's some crazy thunder and lightning display going on out there and when that happens, the service will be definitely be down for a couple of hours. Darn and I do have some stuff to be done that needs internet connection. Oh well, one can only hope ...

And another thing that's going to happen when it rains like this is there is going to be some major flooding in the city. Yes, you heard right, some major flooding in the city. It never fails to happen. Whenever we have rain like this (and judging by the sound and intensity I'm hearing out there) there's bound to be flash floods happening in the city. We have some pretty bad drainage problems going on over there.

I hope the rain subsides soon. Don't get me wrong. I love the rain but not when I'm at work. I'd rather be home right now snugly tucked under my comforters and snoozing away. That's what a sane person would do on a rainy day like this. Besides it also floods just a few hundred metres outside my office and I don't want to be stranded here when it comes time to head home.

Mrs. Spiff and me are supposed to go out later after work and this rain is not going to help at all. I hate driving and going out in the rain but we've run out of grocery and need to get some stuff later or we'll all be starving at home tomorrow ... LOL! Another thing I'm dreading about going out shopping today is the fact that it's the beginning of the month and our favourite hypermarket is going to be packed with people buying groceries too.

We normally do our shopping during office hours but I was a little tied up today with some work and the shopping can't wait till tomorrow. I dread thinking of having to stand in line at the checkout counter waiting to pay. And most of these people would be using their Master Card to pay for their groceries which will add up to the waiting time ... sigghhhhh ...

But then I can't really blame them. I'd probably be using my card to make payments too. I mean, why not right? Besides everybody probably already owns a credit card or two and with the many online deals you can find from Master Card out there that has no annual fees, low interest rates and balance transfer credit facilities, why wouldn't anyone want to apply for one. I know I would if I didn't already own one.

Maybe I should apply for a new one, get online compare the many great online offers to see if I could get some better deals for my credit cards. In fact with, you can find a wide array of cards issued for all sorts of payment histories irrespective of whether you have a fair, bad or even no credit rating at all. and if you do have a spotless payment history, you can even apply for a Platinum MasterCard online with instant approval!

What do you know. The rain has stopped :D I can only hear distant sounds of thunder so that's a good sign. At least our grocery shopping session is still on for tonight :D