These Life Saving In Betweens ...

Oh man, it's been a crazy day for me today, blog wise that is. I was only this morning complaining to Mrs. Spiff that I didn't have anymore assignments to do. I'm always complaining to her about this and suddenly today I get dumped with a whole load of them!

I'm not complaining mind you. The more assignments the merrier cos then I get more money for me to spend ... LOL! But the thing is I've got to complete these assignments in 12 hours time and on top of that I have to figure out some in between posts as well.

These are times when those tags come in really handy ... hahaha ... and coincidently I was just tagged by Nessa only yesterday. Phewwww ... for once in my life I'm actually glad to have a tag to do :D It takes a lot of pressure out of having to figure out what to do as an interim post for these assignments. But the fact that I have two blogs and these assignments are for both blogs as well, so the amount of in betweens have to be doubled.

So, please people, for gods sake, tag me, tag me, tag me! LOL! I must be losing it. I'm actually begging for tags. Thank god for this 7 song meme from Nessa right now. This meme is basically about listing the 7 songs that I'm into right now. It doesn't matter what genre, whether they have words or even if they're good or not. They just have to be songs that you're really enjoying right now. All you need to do is list them down and then tag 7 other people to see what's on their list.

Ok, now since that Nick fellow and me are actually one and the same. What? You didn't know that? What planet have you been living on? LOL! My song list and his are going to be the exact same. Now come on, you didn't really expect me to figure out 7 more songs now did you? So, here is my list of list songs that's going to shape my spring and all that :D

1. Hello (the David Cook version of course)
2. Aku Stacy (Stacy from AF6)
3. Aspalela (Saiful Apek ... LOL)
4. Bob the Builder (does that count?)
5. 4 Minutes (Strange as it may seem for me, I actually dig this song)
6. The Star Trek theme song (hey, I just saw the movie again on TV on Saturday)
7. Wonderful Tonight (heard it on the radio on the way back from lunch)

But I'm not going to tag anyone though cos I know all of you have already been tagged by someone or other so I'll spare you guys for now :D

4 weird comments:

Rozella said...

You? Begging? For Tags? Hahaha Be careful of what you wish for! Your wish might just be granted from your very own tag genie aka ME! Are you sure you haven't had enough? :P

But yes, it's so true. I would not know what to do without tags. Especially now because I am so brain dead and have zero idea of what to write about! Hehehe

Spiff said...

Rozella - LOL! Yeah, strange isn't it? Me actually begging for a tag ... hehehe ...

If it wasn't for these tags, I'd have a tough time trying to figure out what to fill those in between spaces with.

Even a big mouth like me runs out of things to say sometimes ... LOL!

Dora said...

Glad that you like tags so you'll be my next target! hehehe...

Spiff said...

Dora - LOL! I've got to learn to keep my bog mouth shut from now on ...

But those tags do come in handy at times though :)