That Sickly Feeling ...

I'm feeling a little wee bit under the weather. I was fine this afternoon but somewhere along the later part of the evening, I started feeling a little cold in the office. Then my throat started hurting and a slight cough starts followed by aches in every single part of my joints. That's a sure sign that I'm going to fall sick!

I hate falling sick (who does anyway). It weakens me to the point of not being able to do anything at all. My appetite is going to suffer. I think it already has. All the food I had for dinner was totally tasteless even though Mrs. Spiff said it was kinda salty. I'll probably need to visit our company doctor tomorrow and even then Mrs. Spiff is going to have to nag at me at least 5 times minimum before I even make the effort to actually go to the clinic.

Another thing I hate about falling sick is having to visit the doctors. In the past I have just endured the illness without going to the clinic but these days, in my old age, my body can't take the strain of enduring the illness for too long. I know eventually I'd visit the darn doctor for medicine and she'll start with her usual, 'next time wait longer before you come in' speech! Such smart mouthed doctors our company has.

In fact I won't be surprised she'll start her speech about me under going a medical check up (I haven't been for one in ages) to check if I had high blood pressure or even diabetes. She just loves giving advise about diabetes. I think she actually gets a commission for selling diabetic medication ... LOL!

I mean come on Doc, I know for a fact I don't have diabetes and even if I did, I could just look it up in - Managing Diabetes, the Reader's Digest online site. I'm sure there's lot of tips and stuff for someone actually suffering from diabetes to learn about the basics of this disease and how to keep your blood sugar level in check.

I even checked the site out and found some pretty cool diabetes friendly recipes such as seared tuna and bean salad, hearty bran muffins, sugar free chocolate mousse and even bulgur wheat pilaf. Then there's also the stay fit plan with loads of exercise for someone suffering from diabetes to try out. And I can get all that for free. Unlike what you would charge me for a check up, well, charge my company really.

Ok, enough of me blabbering incoherently over here. I'm feeling even worse right now and I'd better hit the sack or Mrs. Spiff is going to be breathing down my neck for me to go get some rest soon. I seriously hope I can sleep this off and be back to my normal self tomorrow morning but judging from the worsening aches I feel, I seriously doubt it!

4 weird comments:

Rozella said...

I know what you mean. I absolutely hate going to the doctors too.

Hope everything is okay with you. Take care and get well soon ya? :)

Nessa said...

Get well real soon Spaceman. Can't afford to let those Zorkian buggers catch you ya.

I love Reader's Digest, the compact size, the stories, everything :)

Spiff said...

Rozella - I ended up going to the doctors anyway ... LOL! And I'm feeling much better now, thank you :D

Spiff said...

Nessa - Thanks for the wishes :D I'm feeling so much better now. Can't have those Zorkian bugs getting their way too much, ya? LOL!

Yeah, nothing beats a Reader's Digest. In fact I feel like subscribing to them again :)