A Visit To The Clinic.

Well, I finally did go see a doctor in the end and as expected she gave me her usual routine about trying this new medicine and that new medicine which I always end up saying I'll think about it and never actually get any of the stuff she tries to sell me ... LOL!

Actually I wonder if they are allowed to sell stuff in a clinic. Oh well, I guess in times like these you really can't blame a person for wanting to get some extra money. Afterall I do the same thing with all these assignments that I do over here. It's really getting more difficult by the day to make ends meet.

But it's a good thing I decided to actually go to the clinic cos I managed to recover all that much faster this time round. The only thing that's still bugging me is a slight cough. The cough will take a little while to actually go a way completely. It does feel good to be back on the road to good health. It really sucks being sick.

I'm also glad to report that my diet has some pretty good improvements and I have lost that tummy that I always had issues with ... hehehe ... This is really the longest I've ever stuck on a diet and actually enjoying it considerably. Hopefully I'll be nice and lean pretty soon :D