Domo Arigato ...

Mrs. Spiff came up to me a while ago and asked me if I've heard of Banzai before? Say what? All I know about Banzai is that's a Japanese word and I told her so. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head at me in disbelief.

'And you call yourself a spaceman with inter-galactic know how!'

That statement hurt my manly pride and I decided to log on and find out for myself just what in heavens name Banzai is (besides being a Japanese word, that is). And what I found out was pretty interesting. After rifling through the site, I found out it's a DVD game by ScreenLife Games. Apparently it's one of the hottest new party game around that has players betting plastic sushi (plastic sushi?) on the outcome of some incredibly absurd stunts that's based on the cult-classic TV show of the same name.

You race to fill the betting bowl with those plastic sushi (plastic sushi, really??) pieces using only chopsticks. The winner gets to control the betting but the DVD controls the final outcome. Simply said, the person who wins all the sushi wins the game. And if you still don't understand how to play, you can always view the video at the 'how to play' section on their site. You can even download their free wallpapers or screen savers if you happen to like any of the Banzai characters. In fact you can even play with with the Tako-gotchi online!

Recommended for between 2 to 4 players or even team games and for ages 16 and above, the DVD game is available online for only US$29.99 and you can pay using Paypal (which I know most of you already have) or Google Checkout. And if you happen to go go-go ga-ga over this game you can add or even visit their MySpace page at

And after checking out everything I needed to know about this DVD game, I'm now totally hooked on it and just may buy the game and pester Mrs. Spiff to play it along with me. After all she did in a way influence me to find out more about it didn't she ;)

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

2 weird comments:

marlene said...

I haven't heard the word Banzai, but I heard the word Bonzai from the film, Karate Kid, hehee!

Playing with plastic sushi, sounds funny, should the players pretend to eat it too, lol!

Spiff said...

Marlene - Karate kid! That was one of my favourite shows :D

If the game is as absurd as it says it is, I wouldn't put eating plastic sushi past any of them :D