Sniff, Sniff ... Where Is The Lurveee ...

Ever since I was little space boy, I've been watching the National day celebrations on TV. I may not be the most patriotic of Malaysians but I do enjoy catching the parade every year with the beautiful parade floats going by, the performances, the jets flying by and all that.

In fact I even participated in constructing a parade float for a previous National day a few years ago and was even proud to be on it and waving to the crowd. Who knows you may even have seen me on TV waving to you ... LOL!

But this year, I sat in front of my TV and just wasn't in the mood for it. Nothing I saw on TV made me as excited as I was the past years. This year there was something seriously missing from it all. I just didn't 'feel' the independence being celebrated in this country. In the end I gave up watching the parade and decided that blogging would be a better idea :D

What with all that's being going on in the political scene, which really is a joke and with the leaders in power who basically think that I, as a citizen of Malaysia is one dumb ass who will just believe anything that's fed to me. I'm not really political but when things like what has been happening affect my daily life, I feel it and it depresses me.

I honestly hope a wave of change will come over this country and breathe some new life into it so that we can all go back to just living and enjoying ourselves like we did before. And whatever happens come September 16 (Malaysians would probably know the significance of this date) I hope it's for the good of the country and the ordinary hardworking people who really make Malaysia what it is today.

It's either that or I pack my bag, get on my rocket ship and relocate to Planet Zork :D

2 weird comments:

Rozella said...

Everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Macam this year kurang kick! Heheh Whatever that means. :P I langsung not patriotic! Hahaha

Spiff said...

Rozella - Join the club. I was more happy to get a holiday than actually enjoy the celebrations :D