Life Doesn't Get Any Easier ...

Remember I just took my car to the mechanic to get it fixed? Well, whatever it was that he fixed sure didn't solve the problem cos the car still isn't working right just yet. Man, I am so pissed right now. Whatever he fixed earlier didn't do the trick at all cos it still sounds like there's a whole nest of birds and rats living in my car somewhere.

I'm going to deifinitely give my mechanic a nice piece of whatever little mind I have left cos I paid him for the earlier repairs for no reason. Who does he think I am? A rich man? And the worse thing is I'm definitely going to have to fork out some good money to rectify whatever it is that's causing that squeaky and chirpy sounds and it's already month end when money is scarce!

Looks like I'm going to have to use my card again. I hate using my card. As it is, I've used it used it quite a bit already and if I use it anymore, I'll probably need to apply for one of those balance transfer cards with 0% APR on balance transfers just to reduce my credit debt!

And we all know that every card holder would love to get an APR that is as low as possible so as not to be charged with high interest rates. And seeing as how my card debts keep going up and up and further up, this just might be the best option for me. Sigh, life just doesn't get any easier does it?

2 weird comments:

April said...

Well a balance transfer card helped me out of trouble when I went overboard with my credit card. I got 9 months to clear the debt and I am confident I will do so. I think I will cut up my card once I have so I don't fall into a mess again.

Spiff said...

April - Wow, that's nice to know. Maybe I really should get myself a balance transfer card. Thanks for dropping by :D