Losing It ...

Well, now that my medication for my insaneness has been taken and seeing as how I'm moved all my office furniture around already (see previous post), and also with the fact that going to Las Vegas is not really a possibility right now (see previous, previous post), I was thinking what would the possibilities of some Orlando vacations be like?

I guess not very much cos first of all I don't think I could even afford a vacation to my downstairs room, let alone Orlando! Obviously when I said I didn't have the mood for blogging, I wasn't really speaking 'um truth .. hehehe .. But honestly, I don't really have the mood for blogging, why do you think I'm actually rambling away insanely over here?

Must be the medication. Not strong enough. Or maybe it's just too strong and now I'm really going insane! Ya, that must be it? What's that sound?

Officers from mental asylum:
'There he is! Grab the loony bin now before he gets away! Quick!'

Spiff: 'Drats, they're here already? Time to make a quick exit.'

Officers from mental asylum: 'Oh no, look! He's heading for his Transmogrifier! Grab the nut case before he transmogrifies into someone who makes an ounce of sense!'

Spiff: 'You'll never catch me! Muahahahaha ...'

*jumps into trasmogrifier*

Officers from mental asylum: ' Oh no, we're too late, look, he's transmogrified into that Nick fellow. He's even more loonier than Spiff! Lets get out of here. All is lost! The world is doomed!'

*officers from mental asylum runs screaming with hands waving in the air*

I think it's time I really logged off and took a break for a while or I think I'm really going to turn insane ... hehehe ...

2 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Ya, you're losing it. No doubt about it. Haha

Spiff said...

Nessa - LOL! I think I am losing it. I'm seeing little polka dotted green men dancing right before my eyes ... hehehe ...