The Arsonist!

Desperately in need of some interim postings and not wanting to put up silly and weird sayings or funny pictures, I quickly search through my super duper out of this world computer system for a solution. After and eternity of computing and looking for the best solution for an interim post, I finally figured it out. Why not put one of those blog things quizzes that everyone seems to be fond of.

It may not be the best or most interesting post but it sure can be fun doing the quiz. Next comes the kind of quiz to chose and do. There are so many there that I'd like to do all of them but that would take ages and you guys would probably stop visiting me. So, not to lose my readership, which by the way can be counted on the fingers of one hand, I decided to settle for this one.

You Are Arson

No doubt about it, you have a serious destructive streak. You can't help it!

Sometimes you just get so frustrated with the world, and you have to let your aggression out

You have a notoriously bad temper. You are obsessed with getting your revenge.

You are obviously a pyromaniac, whether you realize it or not. It feels great to watch something burn.

4 weird comments:

Dora said...

haha...I don't like to watch something burn but I would like to try this test to see "how felony" in my blood!

Spiff said...

Dora - LOL! I actually hate fire too so I don't know how I got pegged as an arsonist :D

Rozella said...

OMG! This is what mine says:

You love to be in control. You are incredibly dominant.
A part of you even likes to make people suffer. It's all about power!

You love to take risks, especially if the potential payoff is huge.
But you wouldn't be in crime only for the money. You're twisted enough to just enjoy screwing with people.


Spiff said...

Rozella - Why am I not surprised ... LOL!

But I'm seriously still stumped with how the heck did I get Arson? I'm not a fan of fires la. I guess these quizzes really bring out the wicked in ones self ya? LOL!