Wicked Friday!

Fridays are supposed to be my favourite day of the week seeing as how I always look forward to the weekend. But not this Friday though and it's all cause of my boss. There I was planning to go for lunch with wifey when I get a call from her saying that she wants me to send this document all the way to Putrajaya, our administrative capital. We do some work for one of the government agencies there.

First of all, I think it's just a waste of time, money and fuel to just send a document all the way there and it's not like it's just around the corner mind you. And besides in this day and age, why can't she just email the damn file over and then let them print it out there. That would be the ideal scenario but no, I have to drive like a highly paid (not really highly at that) office boy in the blistering heat just to send a document over.

I was in pretty high spirits this morning until that call which ruined my lunch date with Mrs. Spiff, in fact I was so upset about the whole thing that I even nearly run over Mrs. Spiff by accidentally reversing the car and not looking in my rear view mirrors. Thank god I was reversing real slow and she managed to get out of the way in time ... phewwwww ... That was how upset I was by it.

I know it's during office hours and my boss has every right to ask me to do whatever she wants that is work related but just to send a document? And I don't even think that the document was all that important. I think sending it by courier would have been so much cheaper than the amount I paid for toll, petrol and my time which could have been utilized to do better things like this Credit card Satisfaction Survey that I'm supposed to have completed.

Bear with me for a minute here while I tell you a little about this survey. According to J.D Power and Associates, a global marketing information services company, they analyzed responses from 7,665 credit cardholders to find out what features and services they really wanted from their cards, taking into consideration reward programs, interaction, fees and rates, billing and payment process and benefits and services. And according to the results on two card issuers performed above the industry standards and they are American Express and Discover!

Now aren't you glad I told you that little piece of information? Now you can sound intelligent to your friends at that barbecue you're planning to go to ... LOL! Anyways, I'm glad the working day is over cos it hasn't been a nice one for me. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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wblmom said...

I am sorry about your crappy Friday.
When I was working(stay at home mom now) It seemed like more often then not something work related on Friday would try to ruin my Friday or weekend. Sometimes it really really sucks, having to work for others.

Rozella said...

I know you've been waiting for this for a real long time and finally it has come... the time is here... TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha

Spiff said...

Wblmom - It sucks big time having to work for other! I wish I was rich enough to just quit and stay home but alas that can only happen in my dreams ... LOL!

Oh and welcome to my blog by the way :D

Spiff said...

Rozella - Darn, and just when I was getting comfortable here. LOL! I'll come check it out in a bit :D

marlene said...

Some people aren't so conscious about the convenience of advanced tech. Sorry about your boss' for ruining your day. You must be so pissed off that you almost ran over Mrs. Spiff. In times like this, just hold your temper, hehee!

Spiff said...

Marlene - Yeah, I guess some people just don't believe in the advent of technology!

I'm just glad nothing happened to Mrs. Spiff! At least the weekend turned out great :D