The Desperate Spaceman ...

Gee, this morning as I was doing my usual checking through my emails and stuff to see if I have any assignments waiting to be completed, I came across this one that's all about Lesbian Dating and I was contemplating whether to do it or not.

I mean, looking at it this way, what in heavens name do I know about lesbian dating? LOL! But I'm not one to refuse assignments no matter what the subject is. What to do, I'm desperate little spaceman ... hehehe ... Upgrading rocket ships are not cheap you know!

Ok, now if you're a woman and you just happen to like other women then I've got just the place for you :D Check out, the number one lesbian community. It's free to join and you can search through thousands of profiles like the one you see in the picture below.

Who knows, if you're a woman into these sort of things, you just might end up having a great time, if you know what I mean ;)

2 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

Lindsay Lohan(kuo) seems to have a great time with her partner...she recently came clean about her 'thang' for the same sex and her claimed long time relationship with her girlfriend. :P

Spiff said...

Carol - I didn't know Lindsay Lohan was into that sort of thing, but then when it comes to celebrities, I guess it's not something I should be surprised, ya? :D