The Heat, Holidays And Game Consoles ...

Remember about a week ago I complained about how cold the weather was? Well, now I'm going to complain about how hot the weather is! There really is no pleasing me :D It's blistering out there and I don't see any signs of it letting up.

Even driving around in my air-conditioned car didn't help all that much. I could feel the air-conditioner straining just to keep me cool in the car. Boy, I wish it would rain. I prefer the rain anytime compared to this blooming heat!

Well, Mrs. Spiff is probably having the time of her life at home. I sent my younger boy to my cousins place to play with them this afternoon since he's on holiday until tomorrow. Normally if he's home, he'll drive Mrs. Spiff up the wall with his non stop questions about everything under the sun. But this morning he said he wanted to go over to my cousins place and play with my nephews and I jumped at the idea of giving Mrs. Spiff some quiet time.

The elder boy is at home to keep her company but he's a much quieter boy when his younger brother is not there to bully him ... hehehe ... I've actually been thinking of getting them a Nintendo Wii to keep them entertained when they're on holidays so they won't give Mrs. Spiff too much trouble but I haven't found anywhere over here selling it a reasonable price. As far as I'm concerned they're all over priced.

I suppose I could look for it online using ShopWiki. They do have provide loads of sites with great links to searching for reasonably priced Nintend Wii Game Consoles that even offer free shipping if I buy it from them. Cool or what? Oh and just in case any of you don't already know what ShopWiki is by now, then shame on you!

But since I'm a nice little spaceman, I'll give you a quick update on ShopWiki. It's basically like you regular Google search engine for all your shopping needs. Unlike your traditional online shopping sites that only show you the names and product that have been paid for their placement there, Shopwiki on the other hands show you just about everything on a particular product you're looking for.

For instance, if you're looking for a Nintendo Wii like me and want some accessories to go along with it such as the Wii Classic Controller skin, then all you need to do is search for it using ShopWiki and you will be shown a whole list of where you can find some and at pretty good prices too :D

Well, don't just take my word for it. Go and try it out for yourself. As for me, I think I just found a site selling the Wii at a price I simply cannot refuse. So excuse me while go look into it in more detail :D

4 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

hey nick...u forgot ah how to make the rain pour down? wash your car lahhh...hehe

Spiff said...

Carol - Good point la. I totally forgot about that ... LOL! Maybe this evening la when I get home. If it rains, then you'll know I'm definitely washing my car ... hehehe ...

Shemah said...

hahahahaa.. true what carol says! LOL!

I heard from a friend that they got their PS3 and Wii from the customs. Yep, those fellas at the customs selling it at a bargain price. Dunno if they're allowed to do that or not. LOL!

Spiff said...

Shemah - I think they still do it la. I remember my uncle knew someone from customs too and during Christmas, he'd be buying bottles upon bottles of seized liquor at dirt cheap prices.

They're not supposed to do that but do you think they care? Not that my uncle was going to complain about them anyway ... LOL!