It Rained Last Night!

Somebody up there must really like me. Just when I complained that it was so excruciatingly hot yesterday, it actually rained last night. I don't even recall when the rain started but all I can say is, I welcomed the rain and no Carol, I didn't even have to wash my car la ... LOL!

And the weather this morning was so nice and cool that I felt like sleeping in. Unfortunately I had taxi driver duties to fulfill so no chance of that happening. The good news is, it's already Friday and tomorrow is my favourite day of the week :D

Mrs. Spiff and me are planning to head to Tesco tomorrow to get some stuff that we saw in the papers yesterday. And it's on sale even. I just hope they still have it tomorrow when we go over, otherwise there will be hell to pay cos I'm bringing along my new super blaster X3 ray gun!

Ok, you guys enjoy your Friday. I have some work to complete now so I don't really have much time for blogging. Just felt like squeezing in this quick post :D

2 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

you didn't wash your car. i did!
and i thought of you, hence the rain in your place :P

Spiff said...

Carol - So it was you huh? It rained somewhere very early in the morning, don't tell me you were washing your car around 3am pulak ... LOL!

But good of you to wash your car and bring the rain, much appreciated ... hehehe ...