Ring, Ring, Telephone Ring ...

The past couple of days I've been getting a few weird calls at weird hours of the night. And everytime I answer the call, it's just silence. I know there's someone there cos I can hear some breathing but whoever the bum is refuses to speak up.

Though my cell has call line identification, the number is only displayed as anonymous call so I guess whoever it is has disabled their caller identification. I'm guessing it's just a prank call or maybe it's that irritable guardian angel of mine getting back at me. Unfortunately I can't really find out who it is.

Now, if I was living in the good old US of A, that wouldn't be a problem anymore cos I could use the services of the National Phone Search and do a reverse lookup (anonymous number or not) and find out just who the culprit is and smack him silly! And it doesn't matter if it's a landline or cell phone cos it works for both.

The result of the lookup would include the owner's name & number, his phone carrier, the line type, zip code, state and many more stuff that you cannot hide behind an anonymous call identification number anymore! And the service from 50 State Phone Lookup comes in an easy to use format that does away with all those annoying pop-ups and tons of banner ads.

*phone ringing sound*

Oh drat, it's that anonymous caller again. I seriously wish they had a reverse phone lookup service like this over here. I'd sure like to know who this moron is that's harassing me with silence. I have a sneaky suspicion it's that guarding angel of mine.