Weekend Baggage!

The weekend was a pretty good one. Most of it was spent shopping and eating to the point that I busted my diet and have put on a little weight over the weekend. Not something I'm proud of cos it took a heck of a lot of effort just to lose that weight only to gain it back so quickly.

And it's all cos I have no self control. I stuffed myself so much that I was dozing off on the couch while watching TV! That hasn't happened in a long time. Anyway, I'm back to my diet again and maybe even put in some extra workout effort just to shed that baggage I gained over the weekend.

Maybe I should check out that chat room I heard about. The one that is specifically catered for Fitness Guys and gals to catch up on the latest tips and tricks on staying healthy. What have I got to lose, it's free to join and I'll probably be able to connect with loads of fitness fanatics out there that just might do me some good even ...

Just for your info, my dinner tonight is going to consist of just a leafy chicken salad!

2 weird comments:

Jim said...

You said:
"... my dinner tonight is going to consist of just a leafy chicken salad!"

I love salads like that, especially if they have lots of other veggies too. Best wishes.

Spiff said...

Jim - I'm not really a salad lover but the circumstances forced me to make that a part of my food staple and surprisingly I grew to love it considerably :D