Easy Money, Well Almost ...

It's been a nice and easy going day for me. Then again, it's always a nice and easy going day for me when it comes to holidays :D Yes, I'm into my second day of the holidays and there still is a total of three whole days to go (including the weekend) and I'm thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

I haven't been doing much of anything at home except sleep in late, get up and watch TV, eat and then sleep again ... hehehe ... Isn't that the life? I wish everyday was like this. But in a way I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday cos I still haven't received my salary yet!

I normally get my salary through a cheque and my boss personally gives the cheque to me. She could just get one of the admin people to give it to me but I guess she doesn't want anyone to know how much I get paid, which is really a silly thing cos she pays me peanuts anyway!

Anyways, during the time the salary was being issued to everyone, I happen to not be in the office and somehow when I was in, she wasn't and then the Hari Raya holidays came along and we shut down the office for the whole week so there I am being the only one in the office to not get my salary just yet ... siggghhh ... She think I got loads of money stashed away and can probably go through the holidays without needing my pay check?

And worse yet, by the time I get back to the office on Monday and receive my cheque, it's going to take an additional 2 days for it to clear! I'm probably going to need to look for a cash advance loan or something. What? You haven't heard of a cash advance loan before? Where have you been all these years? On some far away distant planet?

Well, since you're so thick in the head, I suggest you go over to Pacific Advance and check it out. They offer cash advance loans from $100 to $2,500 which can be deposited overnight into your back or credit union account. You just have to meet their qualification standards which is so easy. I won't tell you how easy cos I can't be telling you everything now can I? Don't be lazy, go over and check it out yourself. In fact, apply for some cash advance loans and send some of it my way ... hahaha ...