Firecrackers And Festivals

I was complaining a few weeks back that during the festical of Hari Raya, the place was so quiet that you wouldn't even know there was a festival going on, Well, it's a totally different scenario this time round during the Deepavali festival.

Today is Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights and it's a public holiday over here. And the moment it hit 12.00am this morning, the fireworks started. I think practically every house that was celebrating the festival over here let off some form of fireworks or firecrackers (where they got it I don't know, cos the darn things are illegal).

But it was at least so much more of a festival feel that the quietness of the recently concluded Hari Raya celebrations. Maybe the fact that it wasn't a long break unlike the Hari Raya celebrations where we had nearly a weeks worth of holidays contributed to it. Since the Deepavali holiday was only for one day, guess nobody went back to their respective hometowns and decided to celebrate it their own houses over here. Well, the cacophony of fireworks lasted for close to 20-30 minutes until it died down and I was finally able to sleep peacefully again.

Not that the noise kept me awake cos  earlier in the day I was out testing some coffee makers in the hypermart that was also giving out free coffees which I took quite a few and kept me awake till the wee hours of the morning. I just gotta remember to say no to free coffee just before bedtime!

2 weird comments:

foongpc said...

Nice to hear some firecrackers during festival celebrations! I guess you are right. Since it's one day holiday, most Indians didn't go anywhere and just celebrated at their own houses. The question is where they got the firecrackers?

Spiff said...

Foongpc - That my friend is the one million dollar question. I've often wondered that myself. But on the whole, it was pretty neat to hear that festive spirit :D