The Shallow Mindedness Of People ...

I had a good laugh this morning when I woke up. As always, I'll wake up, grab the newspaper and flip through the pages before I head for work and this one article I read there had me laughing my head off. Here, read for yourself:

PENANG: The National Fatwa Council will come out with a ruling relating to yoga exercise soon.

The announcement would be made by the council’s chairman, Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin, said Deputy Director-General (Operations) of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) Othman Mustapha.

He told reporters this Wednesday after opening the two-day seminar on Islamic Jurisprudence and Eternal Islamic Thinking at Universiti Sains Malaysia jointly organised by the Islamic Studies Division of the university’s Human Knowledge Study Centre and Jakim here.

On Tuesday, lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Islamic Studies Centre advised Muslims who have taken up yoga to stop practising it for fear that it could deviate their belief. - Bernama

I simply cannot believe these people. How can they be so shallow in thinking? A professor at that. Just where did he get his education from one would wonder. Yoga? How can something as simple as Yoga can make you deviate from your faith? If you're devoted to your religion, then nothing will make you fall away from it.

Gee, are these people so shallow as to think that just practicing Yoga is going to make them change their beliefs? And if that happens, then the person in question didn't have much faith in his own beliefs to begin with. I have no words for this.

I'm just eagerly anticipating what else they would put a fatwa on? Playing hide and seek? What about police and thief? Or maybe maybe even watching TV cos that's one avenue that would make me want to denounce my faith and become a moron ... LOL!

4 weird comments:

foongpc said...

Yes, so ridiculous! It makes me laugh too. First time I hear yoga can make you lose your faith. Maybe they are talking about tantric yoga which may lead to tantric sex. Haha!

Btw, can you pls tell me more "ghostly" stories you heard about Tmn Lembah Kiara at my blog here?

Spiff said...

Foongpc - LOL! Tantric yogo or not, that has to be one of the stupidest statement this year la!

Sure, let me recollect this one story that actually happened to me and two other friends :D

Constance said...

OMG! this is the first time i hear something like that... absurd wor... OMG OMG OMG!

is this an April Day's joke ah..

Spiff said...

Constance - My sentiments exactly. They're just getting more and more ridiculous each day!

Still a little early for an April Fools joke, ya?