Secured Zipping ...

It just occurred to me the amount of files I have in my computer at home is staggering. I've got loads of stuff that I've downloaded, not to mention the large number of pictures that I have. It's basically eating away my space. Soon, I'll be needing a new hard disk.

That is why I thank god for such companies like that basically lets you download their software called SecureZIP Express for free (for non-commercial usage) to zip and encrypt all my documents and files down so I can free up valuable real estate space in my computer.

The software allows you to compress and decompress all the files and even encrypts them for you. I do have have some pretty personal and important documents that I wouldn't want any Tom, Dick or Harry to gain access to.

The software comes with a digital certificate so I could exchange my files securely with whomever I wish without having to use passwords and such. Only the person the file was encrypted for can have access to it with the digital certificate. And like I said earlier, it free to use for non-commercial purposes and has no toolbars or spyware even!

And right now, the inventors of the .zip standard, PKWARE is giving away these non-commercial use license for their SecureZIP Express software and also the chance to win some pretty great prizes such as a Honda sccoter, bicycles, Wii games and loads more in their new "Decrypt and Drive" contest!

And if I were you, I'd mosey on real fast to to play the game daily or maybe even download the software cos you need to have SecureZip and let it intall the digital certificate to your computer to play the game. I know I'm heading there this very minute. I sure could you that Honda scooter :D