I Spy With My Little Eye ...

I bought this pack of mints yesterday and before actually paying for it, I was checking out the contents of the mints. You know, with the recent Melamine scare from China and all that, you can't be too careful with what they put in stuff these days.

And you know what? I just couldn't read what was printed on the back of that mint packet. And it's not because I'm illiterate or anything ... hehehe ... I just couldn't make out the words cos the darn print was so small. Up to a couple of years ago, well maybe even the beginning of this year, that wouldn't have been a problem for me. I would have definitely been able to read it, fine print and all that.

But now, no matter how close I put the darn packet of mints to my face, I couldn't read the fine prints! OHMYGOD! My eyesight has deteriorated so badly since then. And I'm only 41 years old! I'm still young! I don't want to have to wear glasses! You know what kind of a dent that would put on my reputation?

Have you ever heard of a spaceman who wears glasses? Does Luke Skywalker wear glasses? No, right? Does Buck Rogers wear glasses? No, right? What about Flash Gordon? Most definitely not, right? So you can't expect me, Spiff, The Spaceman to wear glasses! I'll be the laughing stock on Planet Zork!

And have you even seen how much a pair of good glasses cost these days? No? Well, let me tell you. They cost a good arm and two legs! At least! I'd probably have to pawn my rocket ship to buy one. That is if I need glasses, ok? Maybe that pack of mints had way too small prints. Yeah, that must be it :D

But if and I stress the word IF I ever do need eyeglasses, I'll just head on over to Zenni Optical cos they have basically revolutionized the eyeglasses industry with some pretty cost effective pricing. Imagine, they sell stylish prescription glasses online for only $8, yes, eight bucks! And they've got a huge selection of frames coupled with single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, photochromatic lenses and they're all incredibly low priced.

What's their secret? Well, I really shouldn't tell you but I'm being nice today :D It's because they manufacture and sell their own frames directly to their customers doing away with the middleman completely. And they have also done away with their advertising budget completely. So that enables them to keep their prices super low!

Anyway, check out this article from the Chicago Tribune on how people are actually over paying for their eyewear. Which is one reason why I think Zenni Optical is actually a good option if you're interested in new eyewear :D

2 weird comments:

Constance Chan said...

there are super cool spaceman goggle-like eyewear you know... maybe attach a little radio antenna for SOS signals and a zoom option to see far. hehehehe

Spiff said...

Constance - They do? Whoa, cool. I gotta get me one of those ... LOL!