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Sometimes I cannot understand people. How many times have we read reports about people being blackmailed by their online lovers or acquaintances? Loads of times, I'll bet. And it's quite rampant these days that I expect people who are into online dating and such to be a little wiser and more careful with whom they befriend these days.

Take for instance this article I read in the Star today about this clerk being blackmailed by her net friend. She had this online relationship with this man from Singapore and called it off after six months. But instead the man turned around and told her he would send pictures of her in revealing clothes and also of her naked to all her friends, family and colleagues if she refused to go back to him.

What I cannot understand is the fact that she brought this unto herself by actually stripping naked for him during their online chats with webcams little knowing that he could capture screen shots of her from the chats. Good gracious miss haven't you read numerous reports of things like this happening and for gods sake, don't la go and strip for someone over the PC! At least meet the guy first!

Oh well, I suppose when you're in love with someone you tend to do things without realizing the consequences of what you do. Love does that to people I guess. But in this day and age, with the advancement in technology and all that making it so easy to snap pictures of people in reveling positions and stuff, I'd expect people to be a little more cautious about their actions.

You know how easy it is to distribute scandalous images online these days and you don't want to one day find yourself on YouTube doing a naked pole dance that you did for your online lover years ago for the entire world to see, right? And if doesn't matter if you were smitten with love and all that, just don't go taking off your clothes for any Tom, Dick or Harry that you've only known for a while and worse yet, agreeing to let him take pictures of you in the buff.

And to that clerk who is the victim from that article in the Star, let this be a lesson to you. Don't just go trusting anyone. There are lots of people with bad intentions out there! Well, I hope you get your troubles all sorted out in due time before he splashes your picture on the internet for all to see.

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Nessa said...

Some people can be gullible. Once the man says 'I want to see you naked' and you haven't even seen him personally, women should be aware that something is not right.

I get the 'win lottery or my wealthy uncle died and left me a treasure' email almost everyday, the story these people come up with are so hilarious!!

Spiff said...

Nessa - Loads of people are gullible these days. That's what encourages these people to do this.

Yeah, the 'can I see you naked' line should have been a dead giveaway, but I suppose some people are too clouded by love to begin with.