Dr. Spiff

The school holidays are just around the corner and my two boys are currently just waiting for it to arrive. They're already planning to create havoc at home and I pity Mrs. Spiff who has to put up with all the noise and mischief they're going to be up to ... LOL! Sorry honey, I can't help you there :D

Actually back when I was a kid I used to live just for the year end 7 week school holidays mainly because I could sleep in all day. Yes, I was and still am a lazy bum ... hehehe ... But unfortunately now with my work, just getting a days worth of leave is already hard enough as it is.

Sometimes I wonder if I've made the right decision by going into the advertising industry. Maybe I should have been a teacher like Carol, then I could also enjoy the long school holidays. And yes Carol, I'm envious of you and your holiday ... LOL!

But then again, after reading Kadus Mama's post about this medical assistant or was that a medical doctor, I can't remember already, actually building his own house and it looks so huge like a mansion, maybe I should have enrolled in a medical assistant school or something.

I heard of great one at the St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants where you can get an affordable education online. I wonder how much a medical assistant gets paid anyway. Judging by the picture of the house Kadus Mama put up, they must get paid huge sums of money ... hehehe ...

Oh well, since I hate studying in any form these days, I guess I'm going to be stuck with just being a lowly Account Manager urrmmmm, I mean spaceman for now :D


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Constance Chan said...

having a stroll... cos very bored, yet lazy to blog... lol

aiyo advtg dateline is deadline. yesterday's deadline. lolol

i almost joined one years back, but decided to go into niche industry but not much different. just that the datelines are one percent better?

advtg is very into pitching jobs so loads of work. the place i worked had signed against pitching jobs so it was slightly better.

anyways, i'm out of it now...phewwwwwwwwwww

chegu carol said...

oh sowie Nick...this is where i should put on my ear to ear smile, right?

Spiff said...

Constance - Tell me about it. In advertising, everything is so urgent that they always need it yesterday!

I don't know anything else that I can do but advertising, so I guess I'm stuck in this industry for all eternity!

Spiff said...

Carol - Yeah, that is where you should put on your ear to ear smile ... LOL!

Have a great 7 weeks of holiday :D

Nessa said...

Eh, Spiff! BW paid me oredi :) Took them almost 3 months but at least they paid ya. You? A doctor?!! Just stick to advertising la... hehe

Spiff said...

Nessa - Cool, at least they paid I'm still waiting for my last payment though but I"m confident they'll eventually pay me. I hope

And what's wrong with me being a Doctor? LOL!