An Uneventful World

I was in need of something to post as an interim post and decided to surf the net for anything interesting to post here. And for the life of me, I couldn't find any newsworthy article or even just a snippet of info to post. Sometimes I guess the world can be pretty quiet.

Which is exactly how I'd prefer the world to be instead of waking up to the daily insaneness that is so norm these days. Sometimes a nice quiet uneventful day is just the tonic to ease the troubled soul. And a troubled soul is exactly what I have right now.

A few things happening in my life is eating away at me and I can't seem to find any answers to it. It's like having your back against the wall with no space to even move back to anymore. It feels like you're being crushed with a ton of bricks. Even breathing is an effort.

That's why I'm pretty glad that nothing really newsworthy is happening in the world today :D But then, it's only 9.25am and a lot could happen between now and midnight though. So, here's wishing you all a great Friday :D