Irresponsible Imbeciles!

Sometimes people can be such an irresponsible bunch of idiots. I went grocery shopping yesterday. As always, Mrs. Spiff and me would always browse through all the aisles just to see if there are new stuff out on display or if there are promotions going on.

And we noticed one very glaring thing in the aisles. Quite a lot of the products there were vandalized. Most of them, especially the toy sections had their packaging torn. The buttons of most toys were broken. Some of the toys were not even working.

And as we walked around, we saw things like these in almost every aisle. There was always some product opened and not put back properly. Some were damaged by itchy fingered people who just had to mess around with them, break them and just leave them quietly on the shelves.

There was this particular product that I wanted to buy and almost all of the stock they had on the shelves were in some way damaged and I ended up not being able to buy them. Just because it doesn't belong to them and the fact that they don't want to buy it, does it make it right for them to mess around with it to the point of damaging it?

People just cannot keep their hands to themselves when they shop and some of them just let their children play with everything in sight without supervision. I've seen kids just roughly taking out products from their packaging to the point of damaging the item and just playing with it like as if it belongs to them. And the parents don't give two hoots about it.

I'm not saying I don't touch stuff and open packages but I at least do it carefully and if it's sealed I get a sales person to help me open it. And I'm perpetually telling my kids not to touch this, open that or play with stuff cos it doesn't belong to them. Kids are naturally curious and I don't blame them if they want to play with everything they see. But when the parents don't care, that's what irks me!

How do they expect people to buy stuff when it's already damaged. Take a look at this pair of socks below that I wanted to buy. Almost all of them were ripped open. What's their logic and purpose I don't know, maybe they wanted to see if it fits. But do you think anyone would buy these socks now? I wonder how much losses the hypermarkets incur because of imbeciles like these!

2 weird comments:

TH said...

this is often see at shopping time.. :(

Spiff said...

TH - It's just terrible how inconsiderate some people can be, ya?