If Wishes Came True ...

What's your wish this Christmas? Come on, don't be shy, tell me. I'm curious to know. I'm sure we all have wishes for Christmas. I'm sure you've got a wish that you want fulfilled, right? Hey, even a spaceman like me has wishes too.

I know I wish for peace for all mankind ... ok, ok, maybe not to that extent cos wishing for peace is like asking for a million bucks to fall from the sky! And we all know that's practically impossible, ya? My wish is much simpler though kinda embarrassing ... hehehe ...

Deep booming voice from above: 'Come on Spiff, tell us your wish already ...'

Gee, I haven't heard from you in ages Mr. Deep booming voice from above. I thought you forgot me already ... hehehe ... ok, ok, promise me you won't laugh if I tell you?

Deep booming voice from above: 'I promise and I'll even try to make your wish come true'

Well, I've always had this deep desire to sit on Santa's lap! I've never even as a lil spacebaby ever sat on Santa's lap but these days I don't think Santa would even allow me anywhere near him, let alone sit on his lap!

Deep booming voice from above: 'Sit on Santa's lap? Wahahahahaha ... ROTFL! LMAO! LOL!'

Hey, you promised not to laugh! And you even promised to help make my wish come true.

Deep booming voice from above: *holding sides from the pain of laughter* 'Come on, wish for something else Spiff cos I don't think I can convince Santa to let you anyway near him. If it was anyone else, it would be no problem, but not you, you're on his stay away list!'

Aww come on, I thought you can do anything.

Deep booming voice from above: 'Urmm, maybe I could get you a Ceivo Digital Photo Frame instead? It's really high tech and different from the rest as it can receive photos sent directly to the frame from anywhere in the world, you know. And it doesn't distort your picture by strectching, cropping or squishing it. Isn't that cool?'

Not really! I just want to sit on Santa's lap. Is that asking too much?

Deep booming voice from above: 'Did I mention that if you sign up with Ceiva now, you'll be in the running to get a $100 discount and stand a chance of winning a cash prize of $500 if your entry is selected? Come on, please say you'll accept this gift and that you'll give up that wish of wanting to sit on Santa's lap!'

Look, it you can't help me get my wish, then take a hike or I'll blast you to Planet Zork and back with my trusty old ray gun!

Deep booming voice from above: 'Sheesshhh ... what a touchy spaceman. Ok, ok, I'm outta here!'