A Tip For Last Minute Shoppers ...

I know I just posted a little about Christmas just now but this is for all you procrastinators out there who still haven't gone out and got all your Christmas presents yet. Don't wait till the last minute, which is actually tomorrow and then run all over town like crazy chicken without a head hunting for a gift for your loved one. Well, if you are that procrastinator, then I've got the perfect solution for you lazy buggers to get some personalized holiday gifts.

Pexagon is offering great last minute gift ideas for people like you. And right now, you even get a 20% discount for a set of four wonderful gift ideas. And what might they be? If you're a techie, they'll be just perfect for you and if you're not, you can always buy them and give them to some techie ... LOL!

They're offering personalized thumb drives that are available in 14 different colours to suit you moods (all 14 of them). These drives come with FREE custom laser engraving in up to 16GB capacities. And they start from a low price of &7.99 after the discount.

Next up are personalized pens that come in 3 unique styles with multiple colours and again with FREE personalized engraved text :D And it's all for a low $1.59 after discount. Isn't that great?

Item number three as business card flash drives. These look like your typical business cards but has a USB cable hidden in the back of the card and you can engrave your own personalized message on the front. All for $15.99 after discount.

And finally, a wooden USB flash drive which is environmentally friendly with and attached cap and come in your choice of two colours. They come in 2GB and 4GB capacities and yes, y0u guessed it, FREE custon laser engraving when you buy it for a cheap price if $15.99 after the discount.

For further information, do drop by their website www.pexagontech.com and check them out in more detail. There, don't say I never told you !