One Cool Boss ...

It's 8.20 am in the morning and here I am still at home. I love this new job cos I can leave for work much later than I used to even though it's so much further away. I officially start work at 9 am but I only leave the house at 9.00 am and before you go accusing me of being irresponsible, let me tell you that I only leave so late cos I'm under orders by my boss to come in late so I can avoid the usual traffic snarl every morning. I know, I know, you're all jealous I have such a cool boss! LOL! And to rub salt in your wounds, he even lets me go off as early as 3.30 pm or 4.00 pm on days when we have nothing to do in the office! And no, there is no vacancies in my office just in case you're wondering ... hahaha ...

Well, it's almost the weekend already and this weekend is even more special cos I'll be off for a whole 10 days and will only come back to work on the 2nd of February :D My office, well, practically half of the country closes for the whole of next week cos of the Chinese New Year holidays. And I'm really looking forward to it. It's an even longer holiday than I had for my Xmas break last year. It'll give me loads of time to do everything I have in my to do list starting with nice long naps every afternoon ... LOL! 

On a different note entirely, I'm ecstatic that American Idol is back. I'm just waiting for the auditions to be over and done with cos after eight seasons, it can be quite annoying watching all the looney bin American Idol wanna be strut their nonsense. I'm just waiting for Hollywood week, that's when the competition really starts to get interesting for me.

Right now, I have two favourites that I've shortlisted and I'm hoping to see them go all the way to the final 36 and maybe even win the competition. One of them is this girl called Stevie Wright and the other is this guy who lost his wife which I've dubbed the Iron Man lookalike cos he looks so much like Robert Downey Jr :D They impressed me with their auditions and so far no one else has given me anything better. Gee, I sound like a judge ... hahaha ... Hopefully they don't get booted out too soon. With the American public one can never be sure. Look at last seasons Michael Johns, I never expected him to get booted tout so early.

Oh and One In A Million, a local show, similar to American Idol is also starting its third season tonight which I've been eagerly waiting for :D So it looks like I'll be glued to the TV tonight as well ... hehehe ... Ok, now I have to  really get ready for work but before I go I need to check this sharing site out and see what's it all about. 

And for all those of you who are celebrating the Chinese New Year, here's wishing you guys a prosperous and wealthy year of the ox. Be safe on the roads as well, ok?