A Total Eclipse Of The Heart ... Urrmmm, I Mean Sun

As much as I enjoy holidays, staying at home all day can be pretty boring. No, let me rephrase that. Staying at home all day can be ABSOLUTELY boring!

It's a public holiday here cos of the Chinese New Year celebrations and Mrs. Spiff and me decided to stay home and just laze away. And that wasn't such a smart thing to do cos we both ended up getting bored out of our wits. We woke up pretty early (well, she did anyway) cooked the boys breakfast then did some handy work and after that was done, we were totally bored out of our wits.

Even if we wanted to go out, most of the places would have been closed anyway. When we were out yesterday most of the shops at the malls were already closed or were on the verge of closing and that was only on the eve of the CNY. Maybe I should have just gone Chinese New Year visiting and collect some ang pows or something ... LOL! Unfortunately no one invited me over to their place, shows you how popular I am ... hahaha ...

Tomorrow I must take Mrs. Spiff out or we'll go out of our minds staying home. I still have close to 9 days of the holiday left and I don't really wanna spend it all day staying home and vegetating. Well, at least I managed to experience the partial eclipse of the sun (in my area anyway). Some parts of the world had it even better by actually experiencing the total eclipse of the sun. Not that it made much difference here, it just got slightly dark around 5pm and that's about it.

Well, I hope you've all had a much more interesting time than me. That's all from me for now. Time for me to go and continue my boredom !

2 weird comments:

Emila Yusof said...

lol! i know the song by heart!! :P

tengok gambar eclipse ni pun dah sakit mata!!!

Spiff said...

Emila - I totally know that song by heart too ... LOL! In fact, it was one of my favourite songs too.

I didn't really notice any difference though, maybe cos the weather was gloomy to begin with.