Those Blasted P1 Morons!

Oh god! My connection for the past two days has been so darned lousy that I feel like screaming and screaming is what I did. I apologize to the P1 customer service guy for being really rude and for the crap I gave him over the phone just now but then who else could I scream at anyway?

I've had no problems with the speed of P1 one since I've been using it. Granted, there were times when it would lag so bad that trying to look for some Black and Mild cigars online took quite a while. But today was really the pits. I was fuming mad.

First of all, the connection was so slow that using a dial up would have been so much faster and when I call up customer service they give me all kinds of crap about having a lot of subscribers using at the same time and that maybe it's cos I'm sharing the connection with another PC and that's causing the slow down.

Well, enough was enough and that poor guy who happened to answer my complaint bore the brunt of my anger. Who wouldn't be angry with the stupid kind of excuses he was giving. If he had said that they were having technical problems, I wouldn't have been so pissed but to say that maybe I was sharing the connection with another PC was the cause, well that I can't put up with.

I've been sharing this connection with Mrs. Spiff for as long as I can remember and there were no problems whatsoever so to give me a reason like that was really ridiculous. And then while troubleshooting it through the phone, he somehow managed to screw up my connection from my laptop to the modem and couldn't figure out how to help me solve it.

So after giving him an earful, I hung up and had to rectify the wireless connection problem myself which wasn't easy for a technologically challenged person like me. But get it rectified I did and now I can at least get back online. The connection seems to be okay now but I don't know how long this will last. I hope it lasts long enough to give me a chance to email a nice nasty email to P1 telling them what I think about their daily deteriorating service! Thank you so much P1 for ruining my Sunday!

4 weird comments:

Anny said...

urmmm... reboot helps :) sometimes.. hahhahahaha.. hope its all back to normal today :) happy monday to u!

Spiffy said...

Anny - You can't really imagine the amount of times I rebooted my laptop. I felt like giving the P1 guy the boot myself ... LOL!

And as for Monday? Well, what can I say except that it hates my guts cos my one of car tyre needs to be changed ... siggghhh!

Anny said...

reboot the modem.. hehhehe.. well.. anyways.. it cud be just one of those days that P1 sucks :D

tyre needs change ka? better change it then.. better to have good tyres on these coming rainy days. It doesn't mean that it will be a bad day.. remember the stephen covey's 90/10 principle :)

Spiffy said...

Anny - Sudah, that was actually the cause of me not being able to get connected. The darn modem reset all my network wireless passwords and I had a heck of a time trying to figure how to get it working again.

Yup, you just can't take chances with car tyres these days ...